• Mate 1.16 not show correctly

    i used before KDE on my PC… i decided install a clean install of Antergos with MateDE, the install is finish with no problems but with, no desktop showing right now, only open a Xterm to load Firefox, 0_1478108166118_Pantallazo-2016-11-02 11-32-27.png .
    no icons, not fonts, at all. its dificult to work with… (thanks in advance… ), where to fix this? …❗

  • @mitsuzero-blackout It’s all there, just an issue with the “automatic” configuration after install. Just right click on the empty top-panel and add some applets like the mate menu.

  • Sadly. Try to restore the panel: mate-panel —reset
    To include icons on a desktop and right mouse button on desktop: open dconf-editor and org.mate.desktop.background on show-desktop.icons try to true . How to install dconf-editor: sudo pacman -S dconf-editor
    So much time passed, but can’t correct…

  • ok, thanks, sorry, for this “heavy” question… sry, i’m not see that …

  • 0_1478116921868_Pantallazo-2016-11-02 14-01-44.png this is the result , thanks 🍔

  • Glad that was able to help! Best regards.

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