• Can't boot antergos after windows installation.

    Hello everyone,
    I’ve been using Antergos(64 bit) on my lenovo b50-10 laptop for almost an year now and I’ve never had any problems. Unfortunately for college reasons I had to recently install windows 7. I resized one of the partitions I had, formatted it as NTFS and installed windows on it. The installation went fine and now I can boot Windows if in the Bios screen I selecte the the Uefi mode.
    After that I tried to boot into legacy mode and see if Antergos was still working but grub was corrupted and was displaying the grub rescue terminal(as I was expecting) so I followed this other post’s solution in order to restore it (https://forum.antergos.com/topic/1380/solved-missing-grub-command-reinstall-grub/5).
    The steps suggested in the post seemed to work except for the mkconfig command which generated some errors:

    Generating grub configuration file ...
    ERROR: mkdir /var/lock/dmraid
    ERROR: mkdir /var/lock/dmraid
    ERROR: mkdir /var/lock/dmraid
    ERROR: mkdir /var/lock/dmraid
    ERROR: mkdir /var/lock/dmraid
    ERROR: mkdir /var/lock/dmraid
    ERROR: mkdir /var/lock/dmraid
    ERROR: mkdir /var/lock/dmraid
      WARNING: Failed to connect to lvmetad. Falling back to device scanning.

    I tried to reboot and grub was working again but the menu wasn’t showing any antergos entries (it was displaying only the entry for an android os I tried to install some time ago and I never deleted. this option was showing also before I installed windows).
    I’ve actually tried several other solutions that I found on the internet but none of them seem to work.
    At a certain point I’ve even found an old grub.cfg file (the one I had before installing the android os, for which I had to create a new entry) but when I booted it gave me an error saying something like “file vmlinuz not found”.
    In order to make you understand you better this is what I get if I run $parted /dev/sda print

    Model: ATA ST500LT012-1DG14 (scsi)
    Disk /dev/sda: 500GB
    Sector size (logical/physical): 512B/4096B
    Partition Table: gpt
    Disk Flags: 
    Number  Start   End     Size    File system     Name  Flags
     1      1049kB  3048kB  2000kB                        bios_grub
     2      3048kB  253MB   250MB   fat32                 boot, esp
     3      253MB   4349MB  4096MB  linux-swap(v1)
     4      4349MB  29.3GB  25.0GB  ext4
     5      29.3GB  179GB   150GB   ext4
     6      179GB   431GB   252GB   ext4
     7      431GB   500GB   69.1GB  ntfs                  msftdata

    where sda4 is my root partition, sda5 is my /home, and sda2 is /boot partition. sda6 is just a partition on which I keep other stuff and sda7 is windows.
    If you need anything else I can post it cause I can still access the all the files inside the antergos’ partitions. Hope you can help me.

  • Regarding the first screenshot: https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1965163

    you need to mount the /run partition during installation of the bootloader

    mnt --bind /run /mnt/run

    as for the lvmetad error, you could disable it with

    vim /etc/lvm/lvm.conf

    Then you’ll probably have to regenerate the initram with

    mkinitcpio -p linux

    All of this while being chroot in the installed system of course.

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