• I want to install openbox with KDE

    How can i install openbox on KDE. I installed KDE Antergos first and now want to install openbox but i want it to come from your Antergos repo from on the install ISO that gives you the environment list.

  • Pamac > Repositories > Antergos > antergos-openbox-setup

  • its not installing right. any help please

    This is what is in the pamac log

    Installing antergos-openbox-setup
    Error: Unable to determine current user.
    Error: antergos-openbox-setup: command failed to execute correctly

  • @TJ-Wolf what are you trying to do? you want to switch between the desktops or just trying them out?

  • trying to install antergos-openbox with KDE being installed already. SO i have KDE installed And openbox with the Antergos defaults with all the settings.

  • Seems there is problem with the antergos-openbox-setup I think. Who ever is in charge of it can you take a look at the configs please. It might need to be updated.

    It just gave me the regular openbox setup without everything else from the antergos openbox. i had to install obmenu so its pretty much vanilla

  • i guess you can:
    sudo pacman -S openbox obmenu
    I didn’t know about an Antergos version…

  • @fernandomaroto i wanted the antergos version but thank you

  • "Quick update
    Installed openbox first “via’ Antergos ISO live. Then installed KDE and seemed to work fine this way. But still get those two errors on post 3”. everything seems to work fine. Openbox needs to be updated the restart openbox in config doesn’t work and tint wizerd doesn’t open although that doesn’t bother me i like doing things manually. But resart openbox needs to be fixed i keep having to log out back in to see the changes.

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