• VLC not working with phonon-qt5 backend + WORKAROUND

    Hello, when I installed VLC, the Antergos software installer asked me whether I want to use phonon-qt5-vlc backend or phonon-qt4-vlc backend. I chose qt5. VLC wouldn’t startup, so I tried to start-it up from Terminal. Doing so game me this error:

    no suitable dialogs provider found (hint: compile the qt4 plugin, and make sure it is activated

    So, despite the fact that I installed with the qt5 backend, it was still looking for the qt4 one.

    My workaround to get it to run was to install the following packages:

    phonon-qt4 (this is important as VLC won’t run without it but it does not install automatically when you install phonon-qt4-vlc )

  • Thanks for sharing. Marking as [Solved].


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