• Can't install necessary packages DE Openbox

    Hi All,

    I’m new to Antergos and tried installing from the main iso, a version of the OS with the DE as Openbox (nice and lightweight). At the very end of the installation, I receive the error “Can’t install necessary packages” with the code 311811. I previously managed to install the Gnome DE, but my laptop became unresponsive (too old, and too laggy).

    Has anyone experienced a similar problem, and perhaps found a solution? I suspect there may be a problem with one of the mirrors. I’m trying to install the DE XFCE now.

    Kind regards,


  • OK, I just reached the end of the XFCE installation and received the same error with this code: 311949. I’ve only managed to get the Gnome DE working. Might give it another go tomorrow.



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