• No new updates in a couple weeks - pacman broken?

    A couple weeks back, my system upgraded GNOME to 3.22, and a few days later the kernel 4.8 upgrade became available. However, the latter wouldn’t install because I use the nvidia binary driver and it specified “linux <4.8” as a version requirement. I figured it would just be a matter of waiting until the nvidia update was in the repositories as well. At some point later, pacman decided to downgrade GNOME 3.22 to 3.20; I figured there’d been a problem with the upgrade that some maintainer hadn’t caught in time.

    Since then, however, I have seen zero new updates from any sources, and while pacman -Su gives no errors when running an update (“there is nothing to do”) it does seem like something has broken.

    As far as I can tell nothing about my config is non-standard. All the existing pacman troubleshooting steps involve working from a specific error, so the usual wiki searches don’t really give me anything useful here. Anyone else seeing this?

  • Try sudo pacman -Syyu (without the y option you aren’t refreshing your local databases with the remote databases, and thus no updates)

  • Agree. Every week I update with sudo pacman -Syu. Never had a problem.

  • @Uzi said

    I update with sudo pacman -Syu. Never had a problem.

    NOT sudo pacman -Syu but sudo pacman -Syyu. As mentioned, the double y parameter refreshes the local databases.

  • @anarch As I said, that is what I have always used & never had a problem. The only time I used the extra ‘Y’ was immediately after fresh install. I haven’t seen Arch recommend using the extra command & what the wiki says is:

    “This command (pacman -Syu) can synchronize the repository databases and update the system’s packages (excluding “local” packages that are not in the configured repositories):”

    If the extra ‘Y’ is just to solve the OP’s issue then ok but if this is a general update recommendation please explain why.


  • Thanks folks, sudo pacman -Syyu worked.

  • @Uzi , the sudo pacman -Syyu command (as suggested by @lots-0-logs ) was clearly reffered to the OP issue. Not as a genaral update practice. Let s not confuse the user with how we update our system…👍

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