• Can not open Skype!

    Since yesterday, I can not run Skype. I used “yaourt” to install Skype. I’m living away from home and Skype is very important for me. What can I do?

  • It seems they corrected a problem, try to reinstall Skype. If it is only necessary to correspond (to write), try Franz or Rambox.

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  • I used,

    yaourt -Rsn skype

    to remove skype compeltely. Then I installed it again and it worked properly. I’m wondering that is there any command to direcly reinstall the package through “yaourt”?

    Many thanks.

  • yaourt -S skype , this is reinstall (installation over the installed version). Other variant did not meet. You however try Rambox/Franz, interesting programs.

    Russian fan club of Antergos

  • I had similar problem just recently, and I found a ghetto-skype package in aur. It’s awesome. It’s an electron app.

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