• My experience with linux so far.

    Hello everyone!

    I bought a new notebook 3 weeks ago and I definitely wanted to use Linux on it, so I decided to try out some distro and see which works the best. I’m not the most experienced user and my goal was to find a distro with these criterions:

    • working sound out of the box
    • working wireless out of the box or with a little workaround (I have BCM43142 which is a pain in the **s right now)
    • playing CS:GO with a good performance (I need to kill some guys if I’m nervous).

    There is my experience with distros so far:

    • Lubuntu (sound ✔ , wireless ✔ (with a little workaround), CS:GO unplayable)
    • openSUSE Tumbleweed (sound ❌, wireless ❌, CS:GO very good performance)
    • Manjaro (sound ✔, wireless ✔, CS:GO unplayable)
    • PCLinuxOS (sound ✔, wireless ❌, CS:GO i didn’t make to that point to play it)
    • BunsenLabs (sound ❌, wireless ❌, CS:GO ❌)
    • SparkyLinux (sound ✔, wireless ❌, CS:GO ❌)
    • Slackware (i couldn’t even set up a wired connection! :()

    After these tries I tried Antergos finally. Sound was working out of the box, I made the wireless working with 2 clicks and CS:GO is running like a dream. Arch is a very good base to build on and you guys built the best from it for us “newbies”.

    I just wanted to thank you, for your time and effort to make this thing happen!

    • excellent formatting 👍
    • thanks for sharing


  • @_plas_ Did you get 5ghz WiFi working right away or was there a but of a workaround? That was my only issue.

  • @gonzlobo144 I’m using 2.4ghz wifi at home. U have the same adapter, BCM43142? You didn’t have any issue with driver, etc?

  • I gave up of using OpenSuse since it stopped connecting to internet for no reason and at the time i had no knowlegde to fix hehehe.

  • Interesting comparison, great experience. Did repost.

  • @_plas_ No, I have a different driver on my computers. I just had to blacklist a driver to get 5ghx.

  • @LosSpamFighters Is it worth to use 5ghz? I tried switching my router to 5ghz and my wireless instantly lost connection.

    @tuxnot Actually this comparison is not the best, I didn’t spend too much time on each distro, because I don’t have that much time to config now. If I had more time for each try I think I would have a better experience with each of those. This is just the “out of the box” experience comparison.

    @fernandomaroto When the connection and sound went away at the same time I stopped trying, but yeah if I had more knowledge I could do better than this. :D

  • @_plas_ So you had the same bug hahaha. 👍
    Antergos is the best :)

  • @_plas_ One of these days on one known site there was article comparison Ubuntu with Linux Mint, with estimate of pluss and minuses. So here it is at all about anything, though I respect with another’s work. Your experience, it is clear that it is subjective, but believe to me it really interesting. At other user maybe other result, but it does not speak about that that at you not proper. I hope in the future we still more many comparative results from you.

  • @_plas_ In order to get the full 100Mb/s from my ISP, I need to connect at 5GB/s.

  • @LosSpamFighters Wow that’s a speed! I have a 20Mb/s connection, so I think this is not relevant for me right now. Btw thanks for the info, I learned something new today! :)

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