I’m on a quest to extend battery life, and would like to lower the screen brightness on my laptop. Unfortunately, the nvidia drivers do not have a brightness folder. When using nouveau, I have do a brightness folder. I’ve searched and found many answers but they only pertain to the macbook pro, not my regular 2008 macbook.

Things I’ve tried so far:

  • Read Archwiki, and ubuntu debugging
  • Tried xbacklight -set
  • Install nvidia-bl, nvidiabl (neither will compile)
  • Keybind new functions for brightness up/down
  • Add acpi_backlight=vendor, video, native
  • Add acpi_osi= linux, nothing
  • Add video.use_native_backlight=0, 1
  • Enable brightness control
  • Run nouveau alongside nvidia

But of all the ones that made it past boot, none of them have managed to get a brightness folder for nvidia.

I’m considering recompiling a tailored kernel for this laptop, is there something I could look for or change that would insert my brightness config?