• Rhythmbox opens on folder open clicks, places extension, drive mount

    It`s getting very annoying. It seems that rhythmbox wants to handle everything.
    I uninstalled it then everything went back to normal, I mean Files opened nicely. After I installed rhythmbox again and same happening.
    I checked default apps, i disabled autostart on mount, I checked mime types, rhythmbox plugins off.
    I am out of ideas.

  • I don’t know what is your desktop, but what about Central Control> Preferencial Aplications? Is rhytmbox configured there on other types of aplications?
    Maybe you can just edit your “open with” and set your file browser (nautilus, caja etc)
    Good luck.

  • ok sorry I made a mistake by not giving enough information, I am on gnome 3.22.1.
    I can tell you are not on english ui :) np.

    So every time I mount my external drive Rhytmbox opens up.
    Or if I click on the gnome extension called Places which is just a shortcut for folder for quick access the Rb opens up again.
    This is quite annoying especially when I want to access non media files.

    I think you tried to mention default apps that I also checked.

  • @r1kkHUN
    Yes, i’m using portuguese interface.
    Yes, i did mean default apps, sorry.
    When you go to Computer and see all your mounted partitions right click the one you want and look at “Open with” and check if is set nautilus (or if is blank in the case it requires password to open - at least is how it works on MATE).
    If is not that i wont be able to help you further 'cause i’m newbie.
    Good luck.

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