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    Strange font/character for authentication dialog

    I’ve noticed that instead of black circles (for lack of a better word) when typing in my password to authorize updates or installations via the GUI package manager, I instead see a lowercase “a” with a circumflex like this: â . I’ve only seen this with that particular dialog, nowhere else in the system. This is on a fresh installation of Antergos with the Openbox desktop, and no additional font packages or tweaked settings (other than changing the conky.conf to show Ethernet instead of Wlan speed since it’s on a wired connection, but that can’t have anything to do with it).

    0_1477619753699_2016-10-27--1477609056_274x238_scrot.png alt text

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    what is the output of

    echo $LANG


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    Which is correct for my location and language choices during installation.

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    @kaidenshi In my experience this is common with Openbox, and when using LXDE or LXQt. Don’t worry, you should just be able to login.

    Never to old to learn.

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