• No copy paste in terminal

    Hi all,

    I’m a long time Linux Mint user, just switched over to Antergos with Cinammon.

    I can’t copy paste in the terminal, tried installing another terminal instead of gnome-terminal but it didn’t help. Is this default settings or did I break something?

  • So neither Ctrl+shift+c or Ctrl+shift+c work.

  • You can change the settings to strg+c respektive strg+v

  • I tried that. The terminal preferences dialog does not open at all. Is there somewhere else I should be looking (is there a terminal config file for this stuff?)

  • Have you “Terminix” oder “Gnome-Terminal”?

  • @lykoszine how does Control C and Control V work?

  • I was using gnome-terminal. In terminix both Ctrl+shift+c or Ctrl+shift+c do work.

    @megaman Ctrl+v and Ctrl+v work in Antergos generally, but not in the terminal, where Ctrl+c is break.

  • Change ctrg+c and strg+v in the settings!


  • @lykoszine ya i think the way i always do it is Ctrl C to copy and then i right click paste in to terminal.

  • You can select the text with your mouse and then sometime after that, middle-click to paste.

  • Thanks all. Uninstalling and reinstalling gnome-terminal fixed it so both the usual defaults work.

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