• Backup (and restore) options

    It looks like there are a dozen popular backup applications for Antergos with a least that many backup methodologies. I’m looking for recommendations:

    1. I’d like to do a full initial backup to my NAS and then auto backup incrementally.
    2. In the event I can’t boot, I’d like to be able to download an ISO and run a simple script to restore from my NAS the entire hard drive to a known time and date. I really don’t need - or want - to pick and choose what to restore, just restore everything.

    Thanks in advanced.

  • create the File /etc/cron.daily/backup
    with this content:

    rsync -a --delete -e ssh /folder/to/backup [email protected]:/location/of/backup &> /dev/null

    your NAS needs to be also running rsync and ssh


  • @hm_ I’ll look into it. Thanks for the reply.

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