Dell Inspiron 15 7537
Core i7 4510u
G-Force GT 750m (No Bumblebee setup installed)
Gnome 3.22 (issue also shows up in other DE)

I have been having this issue for so long now. On any kernel that is 4.0 and above I get this strange brightness flicker issue. It’s not really a screen flicker issue where there is tearing. It’s a brightness flicker issue, or seems that way anyway. It stops for 1 second or 2 after moving the mouse cursor and then starts again. When I do move the mouse there is an artifact that is at the very bottom of the screen. It’s a very thin, very short white “line” that always appears in the same spot exactly when I move the mouse. The issue is non-existent in any kernel that is 3.19 and below. Where are a few observations:

  1. The flickering and screen artifact doesn’t seem to appear when I have Google Chrome open and there is a lot of white on the screen.(like right now. It does happen when other applications like Nautilus or system setting windows are open(full screen or otherwise). If I go on a site like The Verge the flickering and artifact shows up. It sounds strange but I have tested this several times and it’s always the same.

  2. It happens with any kernel that is 4.0 and up.

  3. It only happens on the built in laptop display and not any other monitors I have connected to the laptop.

  4. It happens whether or not Nvidia drivers are installed.

  5. It happens in other distros as well(Ubuntu 16.04, Elementary OS, Manjaro, etc)

  6. It happens in other desktop environments also. One interesting observation I have made is that the flickering doesn’t seem to happen in Deepin DE when the launcher is on the secondary monitor. This one I want to observe more and to verify but I’m kinda certain of this behavior.

  7. It issue shows up when I use wayland or xorg window server.

  8. It shows up regardless of what Display Manger I use.

  9. The flickering doesn’t happen in the BIOS or the splash screen.

  10. The issue is much, much more visible on Kernel 4.8.

I have tried booting with several kernel params like i915.enable_psr=0 but the issue is still there. The only thing that seems to work is using a kernel that is 3.19 or under.

I’ve been having this issue for far too long now. I’d really appreciate some help getting this fixed.

Thanks in advance and sorry for the typos.