• XFCE how to add program/app to panel

    I tried to ask for help because I can’t add an app/program to teh panel as I usual did in Ubuntu distros.

    So, maybe I am doing something wrong.

    How to add a program/app to teh XFCE panel?



  • @dirkme Hi, well i use MATE not XFCE desktop, does XFCE have something like “add launcher” or “add to panel” when you right click it?
    You can try also to create the app lnk in your desktop or elsewhere and then drag and drop it at your panel.
    PS: As i said i use MATE, and i can do it all.
    Good luck.

  • @fernandomaroto dang, I used MATE for too long, the way I wanted to do it was teh MATE way, drag and drop works :-) Thank you so much, it seems sometimes my brain is frozen.

    working on a virtual box machine to setup a media server with sonarr, sabnzbd, LVMs etc. so my focus is there :-)

  • If you have the whisker menu installed, right-click on the program and choose
    Add to Panel
    If not then create a launcher on the desktop and drag it to the panel.

  • @dirkme
    hahaha, i know what you mean. you’re welcome friend. 👍

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