• how to install sony vaio webcam drivers ??

    " r5u87x-hg " vaio webcam drivers package is no more found in Arch repo. Does anyone know if its renamed or merged ?

    how to install this sony vaio webcam drivers on my laptop ?

  • Try to get it here. More info is here.

  • @just
    i m sorry,
    i am noob. i dont know how to build the package.

    please tell me whats the command in terminal.

  • It would be too long to describe the entire process. And you wouldn’t learn anything. Instead, I’ll give only main guidelines.

    1. You have already made PKGBUILD. It contains the info, necessary to build an actual package.

    2. An actual package is built by makepkg using a PKGBUILD. The use of makepkg is basically very simple. It may be used as is. Though it might require some manual configuration, if you want to fine tune the make process.

    3. makepkg produces on the local computer an actual package. It may be installed with pacman normally, as any other local package:

      sudo pacman -U path-to-local-package
    4. Done.

    Newcomers life in Arch is hard. Learn, learn more, continue to learrh. Arch will reward you.

    Good luck

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