• Conky goes on seg fault if started on boot

    Hello everyone, I’m a new Antergos user, been a couple of years with ubuntu gnome.
    Now I have configured conky with no problem, but I can’t get it to run on boot.
    I’ve created a script which pauses for a bit (tried 15 to 150) and then execs conky. Every time it does that I get a segmentation fault error. No problem if I manually start it.

    Systemctl signals status starting till it’s in pause status and then it goes to failed.

    I’m probably going to file a bug report for conky, but I wanted to be sure before. I’ve looked a bit online, but only found old reports or people relating the issue to cpu-bar which is not in my conky rc file.


  • conky has its own startup config, including delay, that’s what i use here.
    Did you try?
    Good luck.

  • Sorry, which file do you mean? like conky ha its own start on boot script?

  • I use conky-manager (not sure if is the same you call conky)
    It has a GUI (this config is at right at the top), here is the screenshot:

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