• Trojita, the Qt email client

    I noticed Trojita is in the community repo, has anyone used it? Do you have any opinions about it?

    I like Kmail but sometimes having a minimalistic, fast client is just better.

  • Never heard of it before, I’ve been using Thunderbird for ages. I may try it out if it includes a dark theme.

  • Take a look: http://trojita.flaska.net/index.html

    My understanding is the client is exceedingly straightforward (minimal) but I do not know if you can alter themes. I may use it on my laptop instead of Kmail.

  • I used it a bit, it’s quite nice, but has no complete GPG support. Once this is there I will most probably switch over from Thunderbird.

  • Yes, I’ve read where gpg is incomplete, I hope the project fully supports it at some point. If you found it nice to use in all other aspects I may try it out while waiting for full gpg implementation as I’d appreciate having a fast client on my travel laptop.


  • I tested some e-mail clients on lubuntu (virtual machine) for analyse ram consume but some of then i couldn’t add google accounts, i tried to follow the instructions but didn’t work (thunderbird do that for you).
    The lightest clients if you’re interested in low consume were clawmail, sylpheed and kmail (more consume than the 2 first)
    I didn’t test Trojita. Thunderbird is heavier than kmail.

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