• Antergos Reviews

    seeing more and more antergos reviews out there. if you see one feel free to post it in this thread.


  • https://youtu.be/K2-vc5ouiCE

    Gnome review from LInux Quest

  • This post is deleted!
  • Here’s a written review that fairly points out strong points and a few things that could be improved. Overall, an excellent review and one that helped me decide on Antergos.


  • @acdcman200 thats a weird thing to steal ? thanks for heads up.

  • Here is a recent video review by Joe Collins:

  • “To begin with, Antergos is one of those distros which I recommend with an air of upbeat confidence. And it has never let me down. I, being a distro hopper with an average of 3 distros per week, have found the love of my life in Antergos. It’s the marrying kind…”

  • Since droid *medo is a truly frightening character,
    a 7.5/10
    equals a 10/7.5 ;-)
    🎻 :-)


  • Reading the whole article, I would say that nothing is perfect and everything is criticized, according to the menera and the ways in which it is looked at, in the end, as they say from these sides … “every teacher with his book” in English

    español: “cada maestrito con su librito”

  • He is too much biased, Mint is his book. Copycats? No, thanks :)))

  • Manjaro vs Antergos | For The Record

    Matt Hartley


    Latest Antergos VS. Manjaro:


  • Final Thoughts
    “I was sold as soon as my three monitors worked essentially out of the box.”

    here :)

  • Antergos unstoppable !!! ;)


  • @judd What makes me smile, is some ppl who comment, as if there’s a “war” Antergos vs Manjarus hehe

  • @4ant said in Antergos Reviews:

    @judd What makes me smile, is some ppl who comment, as if there’s a “war” Antergos vs Manjarus hehe

    If I read that, but hey, there’s everything in this world of tux … :)

  • Yes, since long ago! Telling “you” are bad, doesn’t make me “good” for sure ;)

  • There’s a new recent Antergos review, caught from DW.
    But… it’s not the “real” Antergos!!! It’s about our live cd.
    So, in case someone uses Linux from a CD, here it is :)))

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