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    @loonymike said in DistroWatch Ranking update:

    is is an old post. but antergos is about to be overtaken by solus!

    Yeah , Solus is rock solid / stable but debian’s packages are very outdated, you can find bugs (mostly UI related) that had been fixed and patched almost a year ago, happened to me way too often, this takes me way back when i installed debian from scratch, after that i was scratching my head when i saw the version numbers, this left me with a corrupted user experience

  • Solus seems to get much more publicity which can’t do it any harm. eg. http://news.softpedia.com/news/solus-devs-promise-boot-optimizations-release-solus-plasma-early-access-iso-519619.shtml
    The last thing on softpedia about Antergos was a year ago.
    I think Mr Doherty also has a bit of a cult following. He’s all over youtube…
    What is Antergos doing to promote itself?

  • @jonpaul said in DistroWatch Ranking update:

    What is Antergos doing to promote itself?

    To be honest… nothing. We do not have the manpower to spend time on promoting the OS, I’m afraid.

    I only find time to enter our own forum once in a while… we all have our jobs and families… ;)

    As always, we’re open to suggestions (or help!).


  • @karasu Well - you have a great OS here and I for one am very grateful for your work - family (and paid jobs) first!

  • Completely understand there @karasu :) . We all have actual lives to live. However, perhaps you could be a promoter @JonPaul? It would surely help Antergos as a whole I’m sure.

  • @JonPaul also has a life - not to mention I wouldn’t know where to start!

  • Gotcha. It was only a suggestion, and thank you for the explanation @JonPaul.

  • @karasu can we make a promotion team? guys that run different social media like G+ twitter facebook and others?

    some guys on here might have some good ideas on promoting.

  • @megaman said in DistroWatch Ranking update:

    @karasu can we make a promotion team? guys that run different social media like G+ twitter facebook and others?

    There are already twitter, G+ group and a Facebook group/page (I don’t remember what exactly is) that are pretty inactive because:

    • We don’t really have great things done. Lately we have our hands full with maintaining packages and fixing Cnchi bugs.
    • I’m in facebook and G+, but it’s been ages since I used them. I’m a twitter user now. I don’t know about lots0logs and Faidoc (who, by the way, are really busy with their full time jobs)
    • I have two jobs now. That’s the reason I’m not so active lately.

    But yes, I will open a new thread so everybody can share their ideas, and maybe form a promotion group.



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