• DistroWatch Ranking update

    #13 for last 30 days :+1:

    Antergos been rising steady up the rankings.


  • Has kept screenshots. December 2015 - January 2016, Antergos was not included into the first 25 popular systems.
    On October, 1st 2016, Antergos has 17 seat.
    On October, 23rd 2016, Antergos has 15 seat.
    All this under the column: Last 6 months.
    The direct link on page: http://distrowatch.com/table.php?distribution=antergos

    Russian fan club of Antergos

  • @megaman You clicked on Ubuntu MATE! Shame on you!

    P.S. Just kidding… :grimacing:

  • @karasu LOL guilty! ;) i did actually install that on my parents pc. i think all the updating on antergos would be too much for them.

  • 9th place in the last 7 days :+1:
    alt text

  • Getting better…

    P.S. Three months : 9th

  • Today, Antergos is #10 on the six-month list, and #7 on the 30-day list. Movin’ on up.

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