• VeryCrypt can't found volumes


    i have for long time ago two harddisk entcryptet with truecrypt. Under Ubuntu. For many weeks ago I have change to Antergos with install VeryCrypt. With VeryCrypt 1.18 no problems with the entcryptet harddisk. Now with v1.19 can’t found the volumes.

    Operation failed due to one or more of the following:
     - Incorrect password.
     - Incorrect Volume PIM number.
     - Incorrect PRF (hash).
     - Not a valid volume.
  • @ArchiBald

    ähm ja, the “truecrypt mode” must be activ. A new bad feature.

  • @ArchiBald were you able to resolve this issue?

  • Hallo,

    yes, the problem is resolved.
    Can I change the status self?
    I have a big problem with the forum design. All is others. :smirk:

  • @ArchiBald yes you can change the status to resolved. i think the forum works great :+1: its not the most common forum software so there is a little learning curve.

  • yes, the design is funny. I have found the “topic tools” for change status. Yeah. :sweat_smile:

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