• Counter-Strike: Global Offensive can't connect to any server

    Hello everyone!

    I’m having an issue with CS:GO on Antergos. The problem is that i can’t connect to any games not even to community servers. Here are some screenshots:



    Even the main menu shouldn’t look like this. I can play with bots in offline mode. I can’t imagine what’s the problem here. Left4Dead 2 is working fine for example, so I don’t think that the problem is caused by router settings, I even tried DMZ host on my IP.

    Have anybody encountered the same problem or I’m the dumb here? :(

    Thanks in advance!

  • https://steamstat.us

    Up here, still issues?

  • @Wyn Yeah it’s still the same. :( I configured my firewall, forwarded the ports in my router settings, tried running the game with ‘-tcp’ launch setting and still nothing…

  • UPDATE: I found the issue. The problem is that the game was shared to my library by my friend (family share system) and when I tried the play the game with his account, it worked like a charm. So there is no hardware or software problem here, I just have to buy the game for my account too. 😢

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