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    I like my mouse pointer to move really fast. Therefore, the setting which is provided within the mouse configuration options of the Gnome control center does not allow me to choose a value being high enough. In the past (until several days ago when I replaced gdm by lightdm), it was possible for me to adjust the acceleration of my Bluetooth mouse to the desired value using xset m 3 0. However, for some reason this has stopped to take any effect, probably due to an update.

    I have tried to set the value using xinput but this does not turn out to be successful either. Running xinput --set-prop <device_id> 245 3, where 245 is the value for “Device Accel Constant Deceleration” does not help.

    What does the Gnome control center do internally? How do I increase the limit above a value of 1, which I cannot exceed using dconf-editor either?

    Kind regards.

  • I like my mouse pointer to move really fast.

    I can’t help you further with your problem but it is not very wise to set your mouse pointer to very fast. The reason not to do this is RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury). When you set your mouse pointer to very fast, you don’t have to move your hand that much. A small/short movement of your hand is enough to move your mouse pointer from one corner to the other corner of your screen. Making such small movements is wrong and leads to RSI. To avoid this, you should better set your mouse pointer to a normal speed in such way that you have to make a much wider movement to move your mouse pointer and as such, avoiding RSI.

  • @nomko: Thank you so much!
    I think this was my first time I see a “medical” answer to a computer question !!!
    And it is a fact:

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