• Questions on partitions and program installation.

    I want to switch fully but there are always convenience issues, like for example how on earth can I install programs on my other partitions like I do in windows, in windows you have a choice when installing a program, but on linux it all automatically gets clustered in the root partition of linux where it’s like a maze to me, I need a little guidance… I’m ready do change how I use my partitions but i need advice, also another thing, why are my other NTFS partitions invisible to some applications, like not the file manager but everything else, qbittorrent as an example, it only sees my root and home partition, and retroarch too, my roms are installed on other partitions but they are practically non-existant… (this is a relatively new issue ever since I started trying out Arch distrobutions, there’s something here I’m missing)

  • @Gamris The way package content is ‘clustered’ is intentionally since there are guidelines in which folder which part of a programm should be saved, like /usr/bin/ for executables /usr/share/ for shared files /usr/lib/ for librarys an so on, if you want to have them isolated in their own designated location you should try things like flatpak or canonicals Snaps another idea could be using docker but this are not ways any classic linux programs and librarys are intended to be used since this way you’ll end up with many unnecessary copies of outdated libraries only used by specific programs. If you however want the complete content of one of this folders to be on another Partition you should just mount it from another partition on boot with an entry in your fstab.If you do so do i recommend the archwiki entry of fstab,grub and mkintcpio since not every of the standard folders can be mounted without complications.

    About the NTFS Partitions make sure you have the ntfs driver "ntfs-3g"installed if your partitions are mounted you should find them in /run/media/yourusername/ or /mnt/ in the root file system

  • @hm_ Thanks for the tip for the other partitions, so now I can work around that by using shortcuts to the partitions to more easily access them in specific programs, however in retroarch I would still need to access run/media/ etc each time I play a new game until it saves that specific file in history, although it’s not a BIG DEAL but it’s kinda annoying because it feels like it does not recognize my main partitions as something important since I need to dig alot, although that’s something that can be fixed manually I’M sure so it’s not that much of a problem in the big picture, thanks :) , regarding the other subject I was mistaken because in my mind I was thinking about saves and appdata but I brain farted and forgot that that’s how it is on windows too where all the data goes to the %appdata folder, and sometimes it depends really on the developers of the program how and where the saves will exist, either in the default %appdata or in this case ROOT filesystem of a machine or in a portable folder with an executable of the program, in any case I am more used to windows %appdata since it seems more organized and easier to backup important data than in the linux filesystem, but I guess I just need to get used to this new file system hierarchy.

  • In Retroarch you just need to set a new ‘file browser dir’ in the directory settings to you prefered destination, since stuff like settings is usually saved in an hidden folder in your home directory or in ~/.config and pretty much every other content that is essential for a linux system has its own place to be there is no such thing as a directory standard for retroarch rom files so you’ll have to set stuff like this for each program seperatly that uses non standard assets like media libraries,roms,documents etc.

  • @Gamris.
    Question / topic edited to reflect accuracy of query.

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