• "Auto Move Window" Extension unable to move integrated Calendar app.

    Hey guys,

    I use the “Auto Move Window” extension for the Gnome desktop environment. I can add a rule that moves thunderbird to the second desktop at startup, which is fabulous. But unfortunately, I can’t create a rule to move the calendar to another desktop because the integrated calendar app doesn’t show up in the list of apps for which I can add a rule.
    Do you have an idea how to do that?


  • It has been quite a time and I still have not found any solution. If I can help by providing any log or something else, I just need little instructions.

  • i’m using wmctrl to move windows from one workspace to another

    for example to transfer transmission:
    wmctrl -r Transmission -t 1
    1 is the second workspace
    i never used your app, so i can’t help you further.

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