• GNOME No Mouse keyboard Freezes Also 10/15/16

    Boot up into Gnome, Classic Gnome, Gnome Wayland, Gnome Xorg and I cannot use them - I have no keyboard or mouse. I am using Deepin now, and other light weight desktop environments work.

    I don’t even know where to get good log files on the errors. I cannot upload the journal files because I do not have enough privledges on this forum :-(

    Anyone having this problem?

    One of the [0_1476665042927_journal](Uploading 93%) [0_1476665053299_journal.last](Uploading 92%)

  • @djringjr


    When you log in into Gnome, the mouse stops working? Or is after some time working that it stops?

    You should check /var/log/Xorg.0.log and also .xsession-errors in your home folder (if it exists).

    When the mouse and keyboard stop working, can you go to a terminal with CTRL+ALT+F2 ?

    About the forum privileges, I think you can’t upload files if you are not a “trusted” user. You can put them on pastebin or similar services and then put the link here.


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