• I'm new too!

    Hello, I’ve been using Antergos for about 3 months.

    I started way way back with RedHat (Cartman), Suse, Gentoo then Ubuntu. I too hated Unity, so I went to Mint and was happy with it. I wanted a change of pace, so I tried Manjaro, then Antergos. Since I loved Antergos, I figured I’d do it the hard way and did real Arch. Arch worked, but I could never get the right look and feel, so I went back to Antergos and have been happy.

    Antergos is solid for me until I use command line pacman to ‘fix’ things. I had issues with lightdm and Nemo, so tried to manually downgrade one package and upgrade the other and messed something up seriously. I’m going to re-install and use the partitioning scheme of my choosing (over the auro-partitioning Antergos chose).

    Running on a 2011 iMac and 2012 MacbookPro

  • One thing i like to do when i’m decided to install is use gparted, so when the OS installation begin the disks are already partitioned. Although Antergos is very friendly for partition inside cynchi installer.
    Good luck.

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