• Stupid question: Difference between Steam and Steam(native)

    So I see I have 2 steam icons, one works the other doesn’t and I’m curious why it is like that.

    what is the difference, does the non native run under wine? and why it is the one that acrually runs and does not complain about missing libraries?

    and Why do we have 2 of them by default?

    thanks folks

  • @glink I am new to antergos and maybe what I say is not 100% accurate.

    No, non native steam doesn’t run under wine. Steam comes with its own libraries and when you run it (the non native version) it preffers its own librarires even if the system has installed the same libraries. That can cause many problems like in my case, beacuse I use the opensource radeon driver for my gpu which needs a newer version of libstdc++6.so library than steam has, resulting in a libGL error and steam not opening. When you run steam-native it uses only your systems’ libraries and those who made it have done a great job because it works really nicely and all dependencies are satisfied (from Ubuntu you can run steam that way by running STEAM_RUNTIME=0 steam instead of just steam but you always get some libraries that are not installed and it’s really difficult to make it work). In ubuntu 16.10 they have done something similar with steam, and even if it uses steam runtime (meaning steam’s libraries), those who cause problems like libstdc++.so.6 have been deleted and so the system’s ones are used instead.

    Bottom line, I believe it’s better to use steam-native. The only case I can think this could cause problems, is if a game requires a specific version of a library but it’s highly unlikely (that would mean the game developers are really bad 😛 ).

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