Hi, a new pb just showed: (my Antergos is in French, sorry) The free Office suite disappeared from my laptop due to an upgrade libreoffice-fresh 5.2.2-2 that refuses to install. The log says "error : launching of file /var/lib/pacman/local/libreoffice-fresh-5.2.2-1/desc failed: No such file or directory.
Warning : the metadata for package libreoffice-fresh-5.2.2-1 were not completely charged.
I don’t have enough knowledge to figure out what is wrong. Maybe one of you geeks has a good idea? Thx very much in advance.
recherche des conflits entre paquets…
avertissement : les métadonnées pour le paquet libreoffice-fresh-5.2.2-1 n’ont pas pu être totalement chargées.