• Installation UEFI/GRUB stuck on load initramfs

    Hi guys,
    i’ve installed antergos and now when booting grub gets stuck at Loading initramfs …

    If I use systemd-boot, it boots. The problem is that I’m having problems with my touchpad (i.e. when I suspend/hibernate, next time I reboot the touchpad stops working) and I suspect that If I change to Grub it might work.

    Also, If I install in BIOS mode, Grub works.

    What should I do?

  • Hi,
    I gave up on GRUB. I went on installing multiple distros and Fedora worked with GRUB. My problem with the touchpad kept equal though. I eventually solved my touchpad by passing a few configs to kernel related to i8042 chip.

    Great distro! :D
    You may close

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