Hey guys,

I’m originally running Gnome but decided to give KDE a try again, so I installed “antergos-kde-setup” and “kdeplasma-addons”. I run 2 monitors on a dedicated Geforce 960 with the proprietary NVIDIA drivers. There’s no Intel GPU in my PC.

When I was in the middle of a few hour long KDE testing session, the background turned black, leaving me with only the cursor and the already opened windows. A restart didn’t change anything. Plugging of one monitor didn’t change anything. All auto start windows load and work but the background is black and a right mouse click doesn’t do anything. I could put Dolphin into auto start, then I would have access to a console within the broken environment if that helps.

Google spits out quite a few hits for this kind of problem but most of them are outdated or for different distros. Some say it’s a corrupted cache problem. So I deleted what I think belongs to KDE in ~/.cache but nothing has changed.

Edit 1: Created a new user and plasma works. so, it’s something wrong with my kde user settings. will keep investigating.

Edit 2: Removed all 5 files starting with “plasma” from my /home/user/.config folder and did a reboot. Plasma is up and running, back to default settings. For now we’re done here people. Thanks for your attention. See you next time. :)