• Odd desktop behavior.

    When using the mouse right click with the drag and highlight - the highlights do no disappear. For instance when trying to remove multiple shortcuts on a desktop.

    0_1476458698929_Screenshot from 2016-10-14 11-22-03.png

  • It’s a Nemo bug and it was fixed in July, but they (the devs of Cinnamon & Linux Mint) haven’t published a new version of Nemo, and since [probably] Antergos are using only final releases, the fix is not out yet.

    You could use the nemo-git package from AUR. That includes the fix.

  • Same bug here. Desktop isn’t usable anymore after the system update performed yesterday. There is also a permanent hover-icon blocking the start menu. Arch/Antergos with Cinnamon seems not to be a stable combination for the last months.
    New users don’t have the permission to upload files like screenshots?

  • @thebrian2008 Exactly the same problem. I had Antergos a week ago, then I tried KDE and when I wanted to return to Cinnamon this happens… =(

  • you cold just turn off desl top icon for now it and witll stop till that put a fix out js thats what i did

  • @thuginc It can’t be nemo cos nemo is not installed on my system.

  • The latest nemo and numix-frost-themes updates fixed the problem for me. The permanent hover-icon in /usr/share/cinnamon/theme is still blocking the start menu, even after a complete removal and re-add. Any idea?


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