• Fresh install, no user listed to log in.

    Just completed install, rebooted, lightdm comes up, click on time, it scrolls up out the way, and…nothing. I can get to tty, but can’t log in as the user I created during install. I can log in as SU. Anyone seen this before? Do I need to reinstall? Is there a fix?

  • Also, I accidentally touched my screen (It’s 4k touchscreen), and now I’m only using the top left quarter of the screen. It’s tiny, and I can’t work out how to get it to go back to fullscreen.

  • Never mind - resolved the screen scaling issue.

  • So, logged into tty as root, added user, rebooted. I see that user now on the log in menu. I choose it, and cannot enter the password. I did the pull the blue box down from top right corner trick, and can enter password. I see X start, and it goes straight back to log in!!

  • Switched log in to GDM, logged in as user, immediately falls back to log in screen. Abandoning and reinstalling.

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