• Mate after installation

    1. Empty desktop, no right click menu,
    2. Empty top panel, luckily right click menu possible, I was able to build it up some how,
    3. No items but Printers set up in Administration panel
    4. Was able to get desktop right click menu after digging in dconf.
    5. BUT - No desktop refreshing, no reaction after background picture changing untill end of session; mouse selection areas on desktop stay as blue rectangles.
    • Is there possible to rebuild the system without reinstalling it?
      I had many problems with installation, this time was lucky, but not fully as you can see,
      Want to avoid reinstalling this baby again…


  • There is a bug with Mate desktop, and the developers already know about it, so you can expect a fix soon.
    Yes, for now MATE installation starts with a black screen and a almost invisible bar at the top, where you should right click and add menu (there are 2 kind of menus), clock and whatever you need (from that menus you can access everything on pc).
    To properly edit the desktop i installed mate-tweak-tools, wich is available on AUR repository (then you can enable right click, desktop icons, and add computer, network and other system shortcuts).

    You can also install another desktop enviroment if you wish, something like:
    sudo pacman -S gnome cinnamon plasma
    and so on.

    Maybe sound idiot, but this bug made me learn more about MATE configuration.

    If you need more help, just tell us 👍
    Good luck

  • @fernandomaroto


    Actually it wasn’t a black screen but the default blue one, but anyway, after the problem is known I’ll patiently wait for the fix now.
    There are no failures but the opportunities to learn, thanks for being honest, one more reason to stick with Antergos.

  • ok, but while you wait for the fix you can use mate normally after you configure it. I’m using it right now.
    You’re welcome.
    Antergos is the best distro hehehe

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