• Input password doesn't works in login screen

    I have same problem that other, after update gnome and suspend it, when i try to login in my session the input password doesn’t works.

    So, i want ask you, when will be solved this problem with ligthdm?

    No, i won’t install GDM for solve this error because isn’t mine, GDM is very ugly, haven’t custom background wall papers.

    This issue has a solution now: https://forum.antergos.com/topic/5180/login-issue-with-lightdm-webkit-greeter-not-accepting-user-input
    – Michael Tunnell

  • I have the same issue after updating yesterday.

    EDIT: Workaround with GDM

    In Loginscreen (LightDM) press:

    STRG + ALT + F2

    login with your credetials

    this will install gdm

    sudo pacman -S gdm

    enter root password

    sudo systemctl disable lightdm
    sudo systemctl enable gdm

    But yeah this is NOT LightDM!

  • Or to pass on autologin, yet will not correct.

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  • Or you could change the greeter in lightdm


    I changed from webkit2 to the kde greeter, and I’ll change back as soon as the problem is fixed

    First press in the loginscreen

    STRG + ALT + F2

    then install the new greeter

    yaourt -S lightdm-kde-greeter 

    and active the greeter for lightdm

    sudo nano /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf

    to do this - change following line



    # greeter-session=lightdm-webkit2-greeter

    (I just put the old on as a comment, so it’s easier to go back
    Save and exit

    Now restart lightdm

    sudo systemctl restart lightdm.service


  • @tuxnot said in Input password doesn't works in login screen:

    Or to pass on autologin, yet will not correct.

    What do you mean?

  • @alaguna Disable the password query, enable autologin in the system settings.

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  • The dirtiest of work around, no cli required:

    Drag the burger button (blue button, top right of your screen) in the password field.You will (magically?) gain focus and be able to type your password.

    I have to do it twice to make it work, my collegue only has to do it once.

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