• How long will be supported Antergos?

    Antergos work with me ok. I’m glad. But I fear that one day Antergos the collapse maybe as Cinnarch. Will it be supported as Debian or Arch?

  • From Antergos to Arch there s one repo distance…😉

  • Ok, but Cinnarch collapsed…

  • Not really. Cinarch faced problems because of Cinnamon, NOT Arch. The Cinnarch developers were faced with problems. They had to choose between compatibility with Arch Linux or with Cinnamon back then. And anyway, if something goes wrong, it won t just disappear out of the blue

  • Hmm… What do you mean writing “blue”?

  • @marcello947 … that is … “complete dissapear” …

  • @marcello947, “it won t just disappear out of the blue”. Out of the blue=suddenly
    Keep smiling!

  • ok. I understund. :)

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