• GPG asks no password for decrypting files

    Hi, i was testing crypt/decrypting files on terminal, but GPG asks no password for decrypting. I didn’t set to save password, so i don’t know what is wrong.

    This is the process i used:

    $ gpg -c TESTE
    $ gpg TESTE.gpg
    gpg: dados cifrados com AES
    gpg: encrypted with 1 passphrase
    File ‘TESTE’ exists. Overwrite? (y/N) y

    Any advice is welcome.

  • @fernandomaroto didnt you provide a passphrase on first attemp to encrypt?


    gpg -c Test

    I’m asked to enter a passphrase by “pinentry”.

    It’d be that you are using some key file for default encryption and its passphrase is stored on password vault.

  • Hi, no i create the file with password, but when i try to decrypt that it doesn’t ask password.

    I jus tried to decryp. the file from yesterday and it asked a password;
    so i’m guessing that isn’t asking password like after taping password using sudo, but the time will probably expire, i’ll test it again and get back to you…

  • Confirmed. If you encryp your file you need to wait some time until it asks password for decrypting.
    It means if you encrypt some file, close the terminal and go drink a coffee, someone can open a terminal and decrypt your file within some time without password (i suppose the same as sudo) hahaha
    But it means that GPG commands are working fine here, and it will make the job for what i’m thinking.

    Thanks for the community and XoseM for responding.
    Good bye.

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