• I can't log in my account. Please, help me

    {SOLVED} Hi, here marcello947, After logout lost access to my account. He writes wrong login or password, but I type certainly correct password and login. I created a new account and after logging out again the same thing happened. I can not get out, because I lose again access. That can not be! I wrote on this emailed to the admin, but returned to me mail MAILER-DAEMON. What do I do in this situation? When you log out now, again, I lose access to my current account.
    My logins: marcello947, marcello9471 and current vinyllo, which I now write. Please, help me. I checked on several computers / smartphones and various web browsers and it is the same problem.

  • @vinyllo Have you tried with and without capslock?

  • Of course!

  • you need to use your e-mail, not the username, If that doesn’t work too you can reset your password. Then will work, cause i do that too.

  • @vinyllo I wouldn t logout myself. There s not really need to do so. Anyway, as already said, you need to use your e-mail, not your username. Let us know if your problem persists.
    Keep smiling!

  • I typed an email, and reseted the password. Nothing helped. Show me:
    “There was an error processing the login.”

  • OK, problem solved. Somehow I was able to log into the accounts and delete them and leave core-account. Topic to close.

  • @marcello947 , Ok then, I edited it to show as “SOLVED”.

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