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    I wanted to say ‘hi’ to the Antergos community. I’ve been using an *buntu since 2012. Currently I’m using Kubuntu 16.04 on my desktop but have been wanting to try Arch on my laptop for awhile. I came across Antergos–Arch with a friendly, active community so I installed it with KDE.
    Install was simple and straight forward, setup and configuration the same. Once I get a bit more familiar with Arch, it’s likely that Antergos gets installed on my desktop as well.

    [ As I couldn’t find a “Welcome” section, I posted here. Mod. feel free to move my post to the best place]

  • Welcome!
    Yeah I started with Ubuntu then moved to Mint. Got tired of everything never working on Mint. Tried Manjaro and liked how arch base works. Did the full Arch install and worked on that for a while then came here to Antergos. Did a fresh install on my system and plan on staying here. I do recommend doing an arch install in Virtualbox if you want to learn more about Arch. It helps a lot if something gets weird in your system.

  • @solus667 Thanks for the welcome. I did, awhile back, do a Arch install in a VM for the learning experience. I looked around (distro hopped) different Arch based distros for a long time. I was looking for a distro that was truly compatible with Arch, had a friendly, serious, active user base and community. I finally happened across Antergos, so I’m going to spend a lot of time learning new Linux skills and maybe contribute when and where I can.

  • I’ve been on the same road: Ubuntu, Mint. Mint 18 had choked my underpowered laptop. I switched to eOs. Then I got a new laptop and decided to try something different, not Ubuntu-based.

    Went through 5 or 6 distros, liked Manjaro a lot but that green color scheme — couldn’t stand it. Then I found Antergos. Run it with KDE. Smooth as. Just works.

  • I Antergos more like, it more stable than Manjaro and the repository directly from the Arch.

  • Hello there! I started using Antergos with KDE today for first time (I tried yesterday manjaro for first time but I had some problems with it). Ubuntu MATE is still my main distro but that might change, because I really like Antergos!!!

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