• How to install a Skype in Antergos?

    How to install a Skype in Antergos? He’s not in Pamac…

  • It’s present on AUR repository

  • yaourt -S skypeforlinux-bin -this is the new alpha version
    yaourt -S skype - habitual old version
    In Pamac settings enable search on Aur.

  • Hi Tuxnot, is the skypeforlinux open source or is it proprietary MS?

  • Hello, Fadi R!
    From MS, almost sure this is closed source, proprietary.

  • hi, I have a problem because I can’t log on my account marcello947 - I don’t kno why?

    @tuxnot I have enable search on AUR repo. I typed command:

    yaourt -S skypeforlinux-bin

    but terminal show me:
    alt text
    no matter whether I click yes or not.

    I typed command:

    yaourt -S skype

    terminal show:

    You can not read PKGBUILD

    //your code he```

  • Has anyone tried to play around with toxcore? It’s in the Antergos community repo. It’s supposed to be a gp3 replacement for the Skype backend but it’s a just a back end/library with no executables. Not too sure what to do with it.

  • @marcello9471 I think that you did not need to choose to Edit PKGBUILD (I do not know as it it is precisely written in an English version). To edit PKGBUILD - not (n), install - yes (y).
    Or another option. iN pacman settings- aur- enable the Do not ask for confirmation… and install from pacman.

  • I like program Franz. Has got used to it. In it all that I need.

  • @tuxnot How install Franz in Antergos?

  • @vinyllo yaourt -S franz-bin

  • @tuxnot After types this command yaourt -S franz-bin, show me:

    alt text

    alt text

  • @vinyllo said in How to install a Skype in Antergos?:

    @tuxnot After types this command yaourt -S franz-bin, show me:

    alt text

    alt text

    Don’t su. It will ask for the password when it is needed.

  • anyway, doesn’t install it… :/

  • @vinyllo In Pamac settings enable search on Aur, and install from pamac. 0_1476113659709_Выделение_002.jpg

  • alt text

    Franz doesn’t support Skype :(

  • @Fadi-R , toxcore is a depedency of toxI am using it. You ll find it as qtoxin the community repo. . It s open source`with end-to end encryption. . It is still under heavy development so expect some bugs.More info here:

  • @marcello9471 , they are telling you to enable AUR in pamac the graphical tool and search for skype there. DON T confuse it with the command line where as it seems you have already enabled AUR.
    1)Running this: yaourt -S skype what do you get before you result in You can not read PKGBUILD ?Don t you get the packages built before that?
    2) To save a file and continue or exit the nano file editor (the one shown on your pictue) you press `Ctrl+O > ENTER >Ctrl+X.

  • @anarch Now after the command is not showed me a selection window Edit PKGBUID, but immediately began to install skype and is installed yuppi! :) I don’t know, why the earlier were problems?


    Thank your very much for help!

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