• How to fix shortcut configuration

    Hi, i disabled the Alt + F4 shortcut to configure “easystroke software”. But i couldn’t nor i can readd the shortcut to Central Control; when i click to add and press Alt + F4 it just appears Alt +Cancel. So how can i fix it, or where is the shortcut config file for acessing through a text editor?

    OBS: I’m using Mate.
    Gnome Desktop presented the same problem.
    I’m using a fresh install of Antergos since yesterday, and i’m not sharing /home with anoter distro (so i haven’t changed any configuration).

    Plasma desktop doesn’t has the problem.
    Cinnamon is also working normaly.

    Thanks for your help.

  • Ok, i mannaged to fix it.
    I’ll give the steps in case someone find the same problem:

    For Gnome, you need to find where is the config file, in this case is /usr/share/gnome-control-center/keybindings
    look into all html until you find what you’re looking for:
    Inside the file will have the path you should use through dconf-editor:
    inside dconf you need to go following the tree separeted by “dots” like above

    Then using dcon-editor (you may have to install) you can alter the line you need

    For Mate

    OBS: Just the Alt key is bugging here, everytime i press it appear Alt +Cancel, so i can’t add the next key for the shortcut.


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