• i uninstall by accident cairo 1.14.6-2

    Hello I made a big blunder, I went to uninstall the cairo-dock from the system from pamac gui I wrote cairo instead cairo-dock ( cairo 1.14.6-2 searching the Internet I saw that what I did uninstall it graphics) and when I turn on my computer transfered in xorg on tty1. What to do thanks in advance.

  • Hi,

    Check /var/log/pacman.log to see what was unninstalled. Then install it again with:
    sudo pacman -S <package names here>

    For instance, to install cairo:
    sudo pacman -S cairo


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  • @anarch said in i uninstall by accident cairo 1.14.6-2:

    And a wise thing to do. Always, but always check (and even note down) what s going to be unisntalled. It saves you from troubles like this one.:+1:

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