• Antergos asking for sudo password before install


    I am trying to get Antergos working on either an old windows 7 PC, or on a virtual machine on my current windows 7 laptop. In both cases, I get the same issues.

    First when trying to booth from a bootable USB containing the Antergos ISO:

    • I entered boot order menu and selected boot from USB
    • Antergos bootup menu comes up and the useful options are “Start Antergos Live” and “Non-graphical boot”.
    • I selected “Start Antergos Live”

    The OS boots up, and I see the home screen, I can launch the terminal and do things. However, as soon as I click Cnichi or Install Antergos, I’m asked for a root password, and I don’t know what to enter here because I haven’t even set anything up yet. I have tried blank as well as the host machine’s Windows password. I have also tried re-creating the bootable USB by running the tool as administrator. Neither has helped. When the OS is booting up, not each task is shown as [OK]. There are a couple of tasks that show [FAILED], but I do still get to a functional screen, albeit with some issues, like the shutdown/sleep menu missing from top right corner, in addition to being asked for root password.

    Next, I tried the same as a virtual machine on my current working windows 7 laptop, using virtual box, and i get the exact same error prompt.

    Has anyone faced this issue before? Any tips would be appreciated. I really want to try Antergos out.

  • Run the installer as administrator: sudo -E /usr/share/cnchi/bin/cnchi -dv

  • @tuxnot

    Thank you! This fixed it, and I was able to proceed with installing Antergos. I will mark this as SOLVED, but if you don’t mind, I would still like to understand why I faced this issue. I have asked a few others who have installed Antergos on their machines and have not encountered this problem. What factors would force the “Try It” mode to ask for sudo permissions?

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