• Dual boot on MacBook Pro (Mid 2009)

    I haven’t used Linux in a long time, but have installed it a lot; that said, I’m trying to get the minimal install on drives I’ve already created in OS X. I can get the install stared from a disc I burned, but I can’t get past the partitioning; I don’t want to overwrite the whole disc, so I specify what I want - trying various ways to edit the partitions - deleting the drives and putting them back, etc. - , but nothing I specify makes the arrow to continue functional - I can only back up…
    I’m running both the large ISO and the minimal in VirtualBox - and they look great - they can’t find my Logitech camera and there’s no sound - I’m hoping those problems will be solved with an actual install (not banking on THAT, though), but I would like to get to the point where I have it on it’s own partition. I know Cinchi is in beta, so I’m not sure if it’s me or the installer that’s doing something wrong.
    Any help appreciated. Thanks!

  • Hi,

    When you’re in the partition screen, check that all needed mount points are established (Cnchi shows a green label for each mount point you have specified, red ones for those that still need to be established).

    If you want, post here a screenshot so it will be easy to spot what’s wrong.


  • @karasu

    Hi karasu,

    You were exactly right! After a bit of careful checking in the Mac Disk Utility, I was able to enter the correct information and the rest of the install was problem free. My camera and sound both work fine and much to my surprise, I can mount my Mac partitions; in my former experience (a few years ago) BSD and Linux couldn’t mount each other - if I recall correctly. Mac can’t mount the linux drives, now - just sees them as untitled and empty - not that that matters. Thank you for your help, I didn’t have a clue!
    I’ve run a number of distress, but this one is far and away the best yet!
    Thanks again!

  • @karasu
    That’s distros NOT distress!!!

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