• Chromium can't login automatically anymore with saved passwords


    I have right now three machines with Antergos and Chromium browser. On two of them, Chromium can’t login automatically with the saved passwords, always have to login manually, with the already saved passwords.

    I know it’s a little hassle, but don’t now what happened…

    Thank you 😃

  • I found out that the problem is refered to gnome-keyring tool.

    Using seahorse (GUI for the keyring tool) solve this.

  • You had the problem, you found the solution. ;)

    Thanks for sharing, so others that have the same problem can learn from your experience.


  • @Caiosama205 said

    I found out that the problem is refered to gnome-keyring tool.

    When the keyring is locked you get notified to unlick it. Didn t you get such a notification?
    *Thanks for sharing the solution!

  • @anarch Yes, i clicked that, but it kept showing the notification all the time. Don´t know why.

    I left a blank password, not interested in the encryption of that tool.

  • I see. The keyring can store passwords and encryption keys for you. They are protected with your login password and stored safely via encryption. It’s like putting all your keys in a safe that just has one key. Every time you use an application for which you have stored a password for in the key ring, the key ring enters it for you. Beside the comfort factor that helps to counteract key-loggers and the like, as they need physical access to your key-ring data and your account password.

    Normally, if you don’t have auto-login activated, the keyring is unlocked, when you login using your account’s regular password. Since you seem to have enabled auto-login on start-up (just a guess), the keyring has to be unlocked manually with your accounts password (once on first use for each session) .

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