• How can I use antergos-iso to make an Antergos ISO?

    I’ve been trying to use antergos-iso to create a modified version of Antergos that has all my favorite packages pre-installed. But the README.md on the project page isn’t very specific. I followed the instructions (ran make install, copied over the config files, which strangely seem to already have been there anyway), but then I’m at a loss for what to do next. I tried running sudo ./configs/antergos/build.sh single, for instance, but it doesn’t seem to work. At best, I get a lot of messages but no ISO seems to be built.

    What’s the correct procedure for using antergos-iso to make an Antergos ISO? I only need it for a 64-bit system, not a 32.

  • I don’t know, if you discover please report back :p
    What i’m doing now is set yaourt to export the programs i install from AUR to pacman cache, then i copy the pkgs from pacman and yaourt i want to a hd.
    I really expect someday i do what you’re planning.
    Good luck.

  • I just opened a bug report about this here:


    Hopefully I’ll have more luck there?

  • I’m interested too. i really want to use it to experiment!

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