• Touchpad not working in minimal install

    Hi, i’m trying to install Antergos on a Lenovo G500, but upon booting up the minimal install iso from a usb stick, the touchpad won’t work. i can’t select my wireless network, and thus cannot install. any help would be appreciated.

  • Hi Goblin,
    Try using Tab and Shift + Tab to navigate the Installer UI. After the installation is complete you can install the touchpad drivers.
    Hope this helps

  • @ambareeshbalaji i would, but since i’m on wireless i have to select my network and put in a passcode.
    it seems really odd that a modern OS would have no touchpad support built in.

  • Yeah, that kinda sucks. You could probably try using USB tethering with your Android mobile (if you have one).

  • I’d guess that the synaptics driver is loaded by Xorg, so it should work ootb.

    Could you try the “normal” live cd to see if it works there or not?


  • @karasu just wanted to let you know that the normal iso did indeed work, but even with a completely different usb image tool, the minimal iso still wouldn’t enable the touchpad. maybe something needs looked at there, but for now everything is working fine. thanks.

  • Very likely that the minimal iso strips down on the touchpad drivers to be as “minimal” as possible

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