• Mate turning off monitor even if configurated not to

    Hi, i set my mate to not turn off monitor, but after 10 ou 15 minutes it turn off when it’s idle.
    So, i need a way to reset all mate configurations.

    The history:

    The problem started when i upgraded mate 1.14 to 1.16 (stagging, testing verision), both gtk2.
    I tried to uninstall mate using sudo pacman -Rscn and then reinstalling (now mate 1.16-gtk3) but i can’t find a way to erase its configurations.

    I also tried to change the mate directories name to mate.bk (to force mate to create new ones in an attempt to reset the data) in:
    ~/.config/mate ~/.cache/mate, ~/.local/share/mate

    I had Debian sharing mate in the same /home partition, but uninstalled with all configurations (now only Antergos has mate), but that also doesn’t fixed it.

    No matter what i do, it allways open with all my mate configurations. Truly i just need to turn off the time for monitor sleep, not necessarily erase all configurations, but i don’t see how.

    Please, is there a way to refresh/reset mate or the monitor setting?
    Thanks for your help.

  • If installed, have a look at the screensaver settings.

  • @axioma said in Mate turning off monitor even if its configurated not to do it:

    If installed, have a look at the screensaver settings.

    Beside that, also take a look at your power-manager settings. Some settings can be controlled on more than 1 place.

  • I never used Mate, but does it come out with light locker settings, like eg, Gnome? IIf so, you have to adjust your power settings from there.

  • the weird thing is that was working on mate 1.14.
    yes, both screen saver and energy-setting manager set to off, yet the monitor started to turn off after 15 min.

    BUT i installed Light Locker Settings as you suggested and now its working. uhu

    Thank you so much for your help!

  • You re welcome! Clad to know it s solved👍

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