• [Tip/Suggestion for devs] a light way to run Shell-like Expose on XCFE

    I think the feature that I was missing the most when I switched over XCFE was pressing that Meta (Win) key to have all my open windows spread for me to switch to or close. First day, I kept reflexively hitting that Meta key to switch windows only to remember that I’m not in Gnome-Shell anymore, Toto. :)

    I found this little gem of an application called skippy-xd-git in AUR that will render the window expose as soon as you run it and will exit the memory and quit when you’re done with it. This makes it intensly lightweight because it doesn’t run in the background and bloat the system unlike some of the other desktop effect apps.

    All you do to set it up is install it from AUR and set a keyboard shortcut to run it when you want to switch windows, like right Meta or left Meta + left Alt. If you want to close a window, you just middle click it.

    Maybe the Antergos team can add it to the releases? It really enriches the user experience at very little resource cost.

  • Guake terminal is a wonderfull tool as well. You can easily set transparency and other configs, then with a simple f12 you open/close the terminal. (but need to set to start the service on startup for easier use)

  • @fernandomaroto Thanks for the tip, I’ll give it a go. :)

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